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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend Fun!

This long weekend has been so great! We have spent the whole weekend together as a family. It has been a sweet yet, tiny taste as to what the summer has in store. Seven more days of school and fun times, here we come. Take a look at my little cuties splish splashing away. BTW, the kids will be taking swimming lessons this summer. Brayden and I will be taking the 'Mom and Tot' Tadpole Swim Lessons!!! I can't wait. We are ALL ready for summer break! It has been a long school year. Thank goodness a break is around the corner.

Look who is ready to go for a swim...
Yummy cool watermelon...mmm
So, the sun, water, and warm temp can take its toll. Once we got our two home, bathed, and fed, they snuggled up for story time. Nealy is SUCH a great big sis. She is always reading to her baby brother OR making him laugh uncontrollably. How cute are they?

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