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Sunday, April 27, 2008

"Toe" Update you...

The surgery on my toe did not take place this past Tuesday. It's been an emotional experience....this toe thing. Apparently, the very nice and very sensitive to my feelings doctor did NOT indicate there ever being a 'mass' on the end of my toe until my last doctor's visit which was April 14th! Really? Are you kidding me? As this is a workers' compensation claim the doctor reviewing the request for surgery denied the procedure due to inconsistency in the paper work. Darn it "Dr. Sensitive!" It's great that you are so nice and very empathetic, however how could this have happened? The lady who works in the workers' comp. department has been AMAZING. She has really been advocating for me. So....I understand this is process and I have to be patient but, being a kindergarten teacher is enough explanation as to why I need a healthy toe!

The workers' compensation company....or whomever...has faxed the reconsideration paper work to the doctor's office. He has 15 days to submit this paper work along with supportive documentation as to why this surgery on my toe is necessary. The reviewing doctor (who is not the same doctor who denied originally) has 3 days to come up with a decision. So we will see...??? I explained to the very kind lady I have all my family, friends, and co-workers including my principal as witnesses to me having this 'mass' the day of open house back in March.

I'm am not sure what the decision will be...I think the first reviewing doctor included something in his notes about the procedure being completed in the doctor's clinic with injections to numb my toe. YIKES! YEOW! I don't know about that!

The good news: My toe looks a lot better. It feels a little better. The 'mass' has gone down quite a bit. Maybe keeping a bandage on it has helped. Maybe I won't need surgery after all anyway.

Here it is: Oh yeah, my my feet received tons of sun yesterday at the Byron Nelson, thus explaining the funny tan line.

The Byron...

Yesterday was a super fun day! Jim (Scott's dad), Kayleigh, and Scott and I went to the Bryon Nelson. It was so much of a good time. Scott suggested I bring a friend since he and his dad would hang a bit. They went to party so to speak. Jim had the 'big time' tickets from Texas Credit Union. He and Scott went and enjoyed some 'on the house' beverages and food (on the 18th hole) while Kayleigh and I roamed around chit-chatting. We immediately found a tent purchased a beverage to quench our thirst and on we went. It was great weather and I LOVE to 'people watch.' Later, we met back up with Scott and his dad. Thank goodness they found us as no cell phones were allowed in. Scott suggested Kayleigh and I try Bacardi Mojitos....Yum! The people watching became even more entertaining and our chit-chatting more interesting. :-)

Although, I missed my school's swim night and a day with the kids...it was worth it to have some adult time and enjoy the weather. We even got to see some of the golfers up close (Kevin Sutherland) which is tied for 2nd with 3 under par TODAY. It was pretty exciting. We looked for celebrities. We didn't see any. :-(

I am so glad I consulted with a friend on what to wear to the Byron (this was my first time to go).....Kayleigh and I fit right in. Yes!!!!!!!!! Praise for cute sun dresses. Aah! Good times! Note to Kayleigh: You are so much fun! Thanks for joining us!

No pictures! :-( I would had some GOOD ones....no cameras were allowed either.

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Kayleigh said...

Ahhh, such a fun post to read! It reminded me of what a great day it was.

I am so glad your toe is looking a little better (and that the only other issue with it now may be a little 'toe funk')LOL

It's really true, Saturday was a day made for cute pictures. Darn the 'no cameras' rule!