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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Weekend Fun!

So I am just now getting around to posting these. Last Friday, Scott, Brayden, and I went to dinner at the Flying Fish and then went to World Market. We had a fun time hanging out and chatting the night away. It's really fun to do things with Brayden now because he is more aware than ever and I love that he is so observant of everything going on around him! He loves getting out. We love taking him out. We are waiting on his high chair cover to come in. It's this really cute camo one (you know we don't want our cutie sitting in all those germs). We should have ordered it long before now. BUT, we just got around to it. So, when we go out to eat we take his little booster seat and sit in a booth...not a big deal AND it works out perfectly! Brayden is super well behaved when we are out. I am sure I will eat my words one day. But, for now....he is a prince! We had so much fun with you sweetie.

Notice the outfit change...we had a little explosion. Yikes!
The cutest Easter Bunny you ever did see! With a cape?
Mommy's 'other' handsome fellow
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~IN other NEWS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am currently in WEEK 3 of a "Down Sizing" program at school. It's really neat to know you are taking charge of leading a healthier life style along side friends/coworkers. Awareness is EVERYTHING! Let, me preface by saying I am not going to state my starting weight or goal. Nor will I ever do that. My girls, you know anyway. :-) I have lost a tad bit over a pound the first week. The second week , no loss - no gain! So, back to the program. We receive educational information on healthy eating, healthy diet, calories, carbs, etc every week. It's very motivating. At the beginning of the program you 'promise' to pay $50 upon completion of the 10 week program. BUT, every week you lose weight you are deducted $5. So, do the math...10 weeks; 5 dollars a week...if I lose weight EVERY week then I won't have to pay a dime. (The money would go to our wellness school program). So far, I have been deducted $5 for my first weeks' loss. My goal was to lose a pound a week. Since last weeks' no loss - no gain, I am going to have double up and lose 2 pounds in a week. I am 9 whole pounds heavier than my ideal weight. Darn it! I have really gotten on track with eating SO much better. I have WAY lowered my sugar consumption and 'white' carbs. I try and eat low fat as well. I do, however continue to eat a lot b/c NUMBER 1. I MUST eat (this is coming from a girl that would get at least 2 Coke floats a week, ate ice cream almost daily, AND enjoys a big meal)! NUMBER 2. I am nursing my precious baby boy and I would NEVER jeopardize his health or nutrient intake to lose weight. It did cross my mind however...that if I wasn't nursing I think I would have to down a few Red Bulls just to get me through the day. Now that I only consume very few carbs my energy level (that has not returned after Brayden James was born) has depleted even more so. I am seriously ....a slug! Oh 'weigh in' for the 3rd week is on Monday. Pray that I have dropped at least a pound. Wish me luck. GO ALL STARS!

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Kayleigh said...

I know I told you at school, but I just had to post about it too! Your little boy has the most perfect face ever! (He's almost tied with my kids ;) jk!) We are both so lucky to have such beautiful families!

You forgot to tell me how your weigh-in went this morning. I guess we were preoccupied with other important (and professional) subjects!

See you on Wednesday!