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Monday, March 24, 2008

Hoppy Hoppy Easter Everyone!

Why did the Easter egg hide?....Because he was a little chicken!!!! Get it? I think it's cute!

The Easter Bunny came! The Easter Bunny came! What a surprise for Nealy and Brayden to find matching 'brother and sister' Easter Baskets on the front porch. I knew I saw the Easter Bunny hot tailing it around the block. That sneaky Easter Bunny.....Goodness! Check out my cuties.

We had such a fun time celebrating Easter as family and with family! I hope everyone had as much of a grand time as we did. We had a YUMMY dinner at Grand Daddy and Gran's house. They were so so so sweet to make Easter like a second Christmas. Scott's parents are so giving. Now I know where Scott gets it from. Brayden and Nealy are so lucky to have them as grandparents. I am so lucky to have the best in-laws. We couldn't ask for anymore. We are so lucky to have Gran keep Brayden for us during the week. She gives him 100% of her attention and twice a week Cousin Carson comes to play. Brayden is learning so much from his older cousin...who is extremely smart and sweet.

Anyway, after dinner the kids had such a great time opening gifts....as we (the older kids) did too! Thank you so much Grand Daddy and Gran.
After dinner and opening Easter goodies we went outside to fly kites! It was fun but, super chilly. Brrr! Brayden stayed in with Gran and looked out the window. I didn't want my little one getting the sniffles again. He is healthy and happy right now and I want to keep it that way!

My little bunny taking it all in!