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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Chutes and Ladders!

How thoughtful some people are. I am so fortunate to know so many. Friday was a day that went by so quickly. The kids had early release. My student teacher, Kayleigh comes to work every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So, Friday she helped me SO much. She totally organized my kids' science notebooks. She organized piles of sky high work that needed to be 3 hole punched and added in their notebooks. They will be on display and ready for them to present to their parents at open house this month.

Anyway, I mentioned I needed to find more for my kids to do after they finish their station work and their "Happy Face" work. Normally they "read around the room" or work on puzzles. This is the time of year that those options get redundant and ....okay, boring. Yes, I occasionally have a cute activity for them to engage in every now and then. But, lately ...not so much! I also mentioned that I wanted to invest in some age appropriate board games....like....Chutes and Ladders. Kids love board games....especially kindergarten kids! Research states that children who play board games are better problem solvers, attend better, and learn faster.

About 45 minutes after Kayleigh left she sent me an email about an idea for my class. It is educational and would be fun for us to do! In a nutshell, we would have a class book and parents could order individually for their child if interested. A company would of course make the copies. It's such a great idea. Well, as I am working in the afternoon...finishing up PDH (professional development hours)...here comes my cute student teacher, bee-bopping in! She bought the game board Chutes and Ladders for my class! I was so pleasantly surprised. Kayleigh...you are SO kind!..........THANK YOU! My students really love her and look forward to the days she is in class. I too look forward to her help and our conversations....of course professional yet....sometimes just fun!

It was such a genuine gesture! Again, thank you Kayleigh! See you on Monday Girl! :-)

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Kayleigh said...

Awww, I came to tag you and saw this really sweet blog! Thank you so much. I just feel so lucky to be a part of your class!

Anyway, you have been tagged! Go to my blog to find the instructions.