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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another tooth...and more!

My Little Love Bug!
It's been a while since I posted. Brayden and Nealy have both been up to so much. Brayden cut his 3rd tooth a couple of days ago. It's his top right! I can't wait for it to come completely in to witness, what I am sure will be a "melt my heart" grin. He may have couple more coming in...I just don't want to bother him too much and put my fingers in his mouth. I do believe there are more b/c the drool is flowing free.

A couple of weeks ago Brayden got on all fours and started rocking. The crawling hasn't come but, I am starting to think he is going to skip that step. Nealy never crawled. She went straight from sitting and scooting a little to pulling up and walking. Anyway, Brayden can stand for long periods as we hold his hands. He really gets those legs moving. He is a strong little guy.

He is saying a lot of words now! He says, Mama, Dada, Bye-Ba (and starts waving his hand...it's so cute). We are trying to get him to say Big Sis...but, that is most definitely too hard right now. ;-) Maybe he can say Nee Nee for Nealy! That would be sweet. Nealy is one of his very favorite people. She can even distract him as he is taking medicine. Aah, thank you Nealy.

Uh Oh! Brayden has developed 'stranger anxiety.' Its really cute but, also a little embarrassing. SO many people stop to 'ooh and ahh' over him and Brayden will start pouting and then go into a full cry and bury his head into my neck. The 'strangers' apologize profusely and I know they feel awful. I explain it's not them it's my little love bug. The doctor explained that many (not all) babies develop this 'stranger anxiety' between the 6th and 8th month.

Eating time is lots of fun! Brayden is such a good eater. He's not too messy either. Eating in restaurants hasn't been too difficult. Every time we eat out, we go ahead and feed him at that time too! He has great table manners and loves getting out and 'taking it all in.'

SO NOW for NEALY! A few weeks ago she won a hoop shoot contest at our school! It was really exciting b/c she was able to go to compete at the district level. She didn't place at district but, it was still cool to see my little princess...AND athletic daughter compete. Yay! Nealy!

She is currently playing winter volley ball and her team ROCKS! Go ACES! Nealy has been serving overhand since the end of second grade. She is awesome. Scott says she will definitely make the team in middle school. Nealy is VERY competitive and ALWAYS likes to come out on top. It's so funny because I was never competitive in any aspect of my life so it's a little hard for me to relate. Nealy handles it pretty well though. I guess I should say she is getting better. :-)

Nealy is also an official tumbler. She is consistently doing her backhand spring (with no one spotting) when she is at 'cheernastics.' Doing it out of class is another story. She practices at home up stairs. Scott spots and she does it. I think the more she practices out of class her confidence will grow and she will be able to do it anywhere. Don't give up Nealy!

Okay so now for the BEST thing that has happened to Nealy! She has the VERY best teacher a child OR parent could ask for. Nealy works SO hard for her teacher's approval. Not a day goes by that she doesn't talk about Mrs. Netherland. She worships this woman like I have never seen. Nealy works hard at school and at home (completing homework) . She is driven to do her very best. She not only loves how Mrs. Netherland teaches but, she loves her inner and outer beauty. I have to say Mrs. Netherland is VERY pretty and extremely stylish. Nealy, I know loves taking in (important) details about style and fashion as well as academics!! :-) Nealy just LOVES her! I know it's because her teacher has built an awesome relationship with her. Not only does this relationship scream trust and support, it is very special. Mrs. Netherland EVEN takes the time to text back and forth with Nealy....NOW, would any other teacher EVER do that? Maybe but, Mrs. Netherland did it first!!! I, as a parent couldn't have asked for a more perfect year for this to happen (being super busy due to having Brayden). This year Nealy has matured and grown. Thank you SHAWN! I love you...we all do! You have made my life so much easier....SO when my life is easier EVERYONE's life is easier...Scott especially thanks you!:-)

Here are some cute ones!

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