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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lights, Camera, EllaRoo!

Today Saturday, November 10th 2007 was VERY different compared to every other Saturday in the England Household. Brayden and I woke up and primped as we were asked a few weeks ago to MODEL and do a photo shoot! It is a very random story how this all came about. Quickly~I was approached and asked if I was interested in doing a photo shoot with my baby. One of the criteria was to have an athletic physique. Yikes!...I explained that I am always willing to show off my little guy given the opportunity. Well, from there everything became so detailed and kinda exciting. The contract photographer had to approve my head shot and photos. Someone came out to my home and took some quick pictures. Next, I had to wait for confirmation that I was right for the job. I know I am no athlete so..I guess I fooled them. :-) Anyway, so there we were this morning getting in to wardrobe, getting our hair (okay, my hair) styled, etc. The company's name is Ellaroo. It is a company that sells the CUTEST baby slings. They are so comfortable and chic. Check them out online.

The actual photo shoot was SO much fun. The photographer, Ken and creative director for Ellaroo were unbelievably kind and made us feel so comfortable. We even got to meet the founder and owner of the company, Vesta. She was very sweet. The other mommy models were very nice and it was neat for Brayden to meet other babies and toddlers. It was cool that they provided the clothes...name brand at that. Not to mention, Starbuck's was on hand as soon as I arrived along with yummy pastries and fresh fruit. They had Brayden dressed in these super cute retro jeans, a onesie with a clever saying on it and sweet little shoes by Piedino. It was sorta funny b/c none of his clothes even showed because he was bundled in the sling. As soon as the photographer starts shooting....Brayden is in a deep sleep. Aah! BUT, The director thought it was cute and we continued. Brayden remained asleep for the entire shoot.

This was a really neat opportunity b/c it's nice to make extra money AND be with my baby at the same time. You can't really beat getting paid $100 an hour to be snuggled close to your little one. This was just in time for Christmas too!

Anyway, for you mommies out there...check out Ellarro's blog! The link is on my blog now (on the right)! Take it from me, their slings are unbelievable and high quality!

Here is Brayden now that we have been home and settled! He did great! I am sad they didn't get see his ever so cute smile....maybe next time. It will be neat to include this experience in his baby book! I am assuming these pics will eventually be on the Ellaroo site and/or other advertisement. I didn't sign a release form for nothing! Ha ;^D
"Haven't I had enough pictures taken of me today?"

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