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Friday, November 2, 2007

He's Growing!

Weight: 15lbs 2oz ~ 75th percentile
Height: 24 1/2 Inches ~ 50th percentile
Head: 42 1/2 Centimeters ~ 50th percentile

My little guy sitting in his laundry basket as I washed his bottles.
Although, he turned 4 months on the 26th of October, October 30th is a day to remember.
He and I had a memorable day together. We snuggled and I nursed in the sunshine looking
out of the glass door to the backyard...in privacy of course. We picked up Big Sis early from school and the three of us enjoyed each other's company!
Now, the trip to the pediatrician was quite traumatic. I had yet to stay in the room
for his shots until this heart breaking day.
My poor baby boy! The knot in my throat was so BIG that I swear I couldn't breathe.
I even had to blow into Brayden's face so he would breathe after those 4 horrible shots.
I have to say I love Dr. Katz and all the nurses at the office. 3 nurses come in to the room. One holds his hands and then one on each side of Brayden. They count to 3 and they each give a shot and then quickly count to 3 again and give the other 2. So this minimizes the amount of times Brayden feels pain. Aah, my little sweetie. Well, the doctor said we could start rice cereal. So we did. I am still not sure if Brayden liked it or not. We will keep at it to know for sure.

Dr. Katz also explained Brayden should be sleeping more than he is. This weekend, we start sleep training. We have decided on the Sears method which is the "no cry" method. However, Brayden will learn to fall asleep independently soothing himself. He does this now...but, every time he awakens I nurse him. I just assumed he was hungry. He doesn't wake up crying just making noise and moving quite a bit. The difference between the CIO method and "no cry" is obvious but, the goal is the same and my understanding is that the CIO method works faster. Hey, I have gone this long what's another few days....or even weeks. Daddy is going to do most of the work anyway so I look forward to getting some sleep. However, I will miss my little one during the night. Friends, wish us luck. Dr. Katz explained it should only take a few nights. Hmm? I'll let you know. I am pretty confident because knowing Brayden's personality and behavior this method should work well.

Here are some pics of Brayden in his adorable sweater suit and toboggan at Daddy's game!
He sure received A LOT of attention this night!

Getting a little tired! "Thanks for being so sweet Page!"

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