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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mommy's New Man

Okay, let me start off by saying, I love my baby boy! He has really grown and is doing so much. He talks! Yes, he really does. Can anyone understand what he says? I guess not. However, I am getting close. It's a mother's thing. Brayden and I spend a LOT of time together especially now since daddy is back at work. We make trips to Starbuck's, Gap,... you know, important places. We clean the kitchen together...he is in his Snuggli so I have both hands free and I am able to give him kisses on the head whenever I want. Anyway, when we take Nealy to cheerleading we spend some time in the back seat of the car. I am either nursing or changing a diaper...or two. This is great quality time. We chat about many things. He loves to smile and even laughs (with no sound) when I say, "you are mama's boy." I have even made up some special songs for him. I can tell he is starting to recognize them now. He loves cooing and can copy me when I stick my tongue out he does TOO! It's the funniest thing. He also has this cute little way of letting me know when he is not happy. He doesn't cry out. He starts these little whimpers and as soon as I pick him up...the cooing and talking begin. He is one sneaky boy. Brayden is oh so growing! Daddy says he looks like Tony Soprano...chubby cheeks and because he has lost some of his hair. Daddy is very silly. I think my new man is very handsome and is such a prince. Well, not only is Brayden talking, he is pulling himself up with his hands. We hold his hands while he is on his back and he pulls up. He is very strong. He holds his head up pretty consistently and makes eye contact quiet often. He definitely notices when I am present...AND especially when I am not. He loves his big sis...mostly because she is a non stop talker and he sometimes gets a little over stimulated. He does keep up pretty well though. Nealy loves reading, Pat the Bunny to Brayden. She even takes his little hand to feel the different items. His bookshelf is filled with many great reads. My personal favorites are the Maisy books. There are very predictable and colorful. We sit in the rocker and open the blinds for some natural light. Story time is fun. It's probably the only time we are in his room every day right now. I definitely can't get enough of MY NEW MAN!!!

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