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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dear Brayden,...RE: Big Sis...Love, Mommy

Dear Brayden,
You are so lucky to have Nealy as your big sister.
She loves you so much. She gives you lots of kisses and frequently asks me how
she can be of help. "How's my sweet boy?" I always hear her say.
She tells anyone who will listen, that she is a big sister now and she has been
very busy. She tells them how cute you are and how
she now knows how to change a diaper. She tells them you have the
softest lips and that you like to suck on your bottom one.
She thinks the world of you!
You will think the world of her!
She can teach you so much.
You can teach her so much.
You are a match made in heaven.
Love, Mommy

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