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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Top 11 of ‘11

Here I go again entering a photo contest just for “kicks.”  When I saw that I could pick ELEVEN photos from the whole 2011 year, well, I thought it was going to trouble.  The truth is, it was heart warming looking back. I found some of my very favorites.  Although, I critique my photos so harshly, I found myself allowing the photos to “speak” to me rather than trying to select ones I used certain techniques/angles/creativity etc.  I picked ones I thought communicated emotion, love, and for me, the memories I never want to forget!  It was SO hard limiting the spread to 11….

1. This photo of my son was actually taken on New Year’s Day 2011!  It illuminates his face and captures his playful-happy personality.


2. After bath time is always a time I want to remember.  The warm hue compliments the overall mood & message – he was all warm and snuggly for bed.  

bath 2

3. This photo of my teenager exudes calmness and tranquility.  We were on our family vacation to Jamaica.  LOVE the contrast and that she was unaware that I was even snapping away.

Jamaica IMG_6255

4.  On the glass bottom boat to observe the sea life.  Excitement yet peaceful.  Can’t help but think of how beautiful she is without a drop of make-up.  I also crack up seeing my son in the background with his little corky expression.  Just a quick-everyday (in Jamaica…) shot!

Jamaica IMG_6331

5.  LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. – The color, the calming energy and remembering how MUCH my son loved the beach.

Jamaica IMG_6275

6.  MORE beach, MORE fun, MORE nature!…he is a creative player with the two sticks in hand.

Jamaica IMG_6566

7.  one of the very few times my daughter has actually said, “Mom, look!  Take a picture!”  Her hands. Her treasures.

Jamaican IMG_6271

8.  One of the sweetest smiles ever!  His eyes exude interest, wonder, and excitement.  He was watching Sesame Street Characters singing and dancing on stage.  He turned to his daddy to confirm his happiness!  Love the soft bokeh and how mustard flag compliments my son’s shirt….all by accident:).

 Jamaica IMG_6075

9. Nothing like a swing on the beach!  LOVING the bokeh and this is a good representation of how DANG fit my girl is!:) Ha!  Honestly, though she is a teenager this picture exudes this kid’s playful energy!

Jamaica IMG_6581

10.  Cutest Captain America you ever did see!  His eyes say it all:).

halloween night IMG_0723

11.  CHRISTMAS PHOTO 2011 – how could I not include?  Look at how they have grown (wiping a tear of love away).

December 1 2011



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Wish me luck!:)


Our Little Bubble said...

wonderful pictures and special moments you've captured!! thanks for the links, can't wait to check them out!!

texasmacks said...

I'm going to do this too but haven't had a chance to pick my favorites yet. Hope you're enjoying your break. Your children (and you) are absolutely beautiful!