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Thursday, November 10, 2011

On Halloween Night!

 halloween night IMG_0746

Wow! How I have been meaning to post these few oh so cute Halloween photos.  I have to say, we’ve all had the case of the sniffles and coughs.  B and I had it pretty darn good bad.  SO, needless to say, these are late…but, certainly better late than never.

Halloween night Nealy had her very last VB game.  N was playing hard on the court as Scott kept the clock, and B and I were in the stand cheering!  The Lady Mavs were undefeated until this very game.  I guess you can say, we were given a trick instead of a treat.  We were all a little bummed, but our ghoulish moods were short lived.  Nealy turned her frown upside down when we agreed to let her sleep over at her Bestie’s with a few of the other girls.  Though I was feeling a start to my “sicky symptoms,” I was all smiles as Brayden had been expressing his excitement for Trick or Treating all evening.  He even said, “We need to hurry because Aiden (his buddy from school and soccer) is waiting on me.  He’s going to be Captain America too!”  Well, reality was that Aiden wasn’t necessarily waiting nor did he even know that our sweet Captain America was going to make an appearance at his house!  Everything (ideas and plans) really just came like several little gusts of wind….(just as wind sometimes blows) on Halloween Night!!!

  halloween night IMG_0675   hallowenn night IMG_0678

We called our sweet friends (Aiden’s mommy and daddy) and explained, that I am a softy and I didn’t want to crush Brayden’s night by telling him he wasn’t going to see Aiden.  So sweet of them to happily welcome our short notice-visit.

halloween night IMG_0708

Seeing double!  How crazy-cute are they?

  halloween night IMG_0723   halloween night IMG_0722

halloween night IMG_0745

  halloweennight IMG_0729 halloween night IMG_0750

Captain America stole his mommy’s heart!

halloween night IMG_0725

It was  such a fun family night even though my biggest goblin isn’t in to the Trick or Treating so much anymore!:) 

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Jesse and Zach said...

Brayden's costume is FABULOUS!!!