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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cheerific Weekends


Reflecting on this year’s (almost over) cheer season, makes me smile.  Seriously!  Like having hundreds of cheerleaders surrounding you at a national competition?….like, OMG!..Okay, I’m kidding, but you get the idea.  It’s crazy!  It’s crazy-fun!  Nealy has loved every minute of our fast-paced, non stop, high-energy weekends. And, I gotta admit, so have I.  I am the BEST cheer mom e.v.e.r!  Who would’ve thought?  Certainly not me, but just as I am, I totally heart being a cheer mom.  LOVE it! Nealy is so competitive that she can hardly stand it and cheer is the perfect sport for her.  It’s challenging, as I mentioned, TOTALLY high energy and keeps her fit and healthy.  She pushes herself and I find that she practices outside of the training times (that are approximately 6 hours a week BTW).   So far we’ve had two national competitions.  First being in Forth Worth (where we placed 3rd…boo!) and in Houston (where we placed 4th ….double boo!).  Katz won their first 3 competitions.  We are totally awesome!  We are sharp and well synchronized.  A very impressive team indeed.  So much fun to watch!  However, we ran into some glitches (the routine was changed up as the skill level bar was raised…and though the girls are stepping up to the plate, they are still learning).  These last two competitions were good eye openers and the competition was definitely STIFF.  This made our girls hungry to do better!    I’ll post a video soon! So stay tuned for that.  Anyway, here are some snapshots of our last two cheer-ific weekends. G3FCA2A!  (Oh and for NCA in Houston, I forgot my camera at home. Argh!…don’t ask).  Fortunately, my sis had her mini-digital.




lunch stop after 1st day of ACA competition



the big boy’s table toys…he’s a true sport at all the cheer events.


I snapped my two boys.  They don’t like having their cuteness captured…Scott more so than B.  ….but, I gottem!



H Town…this was a girls’ weekend and the boys stayed at home.  I took Monday off and low and behold…we had an ice day today and will tomorrow too.  NICE….great way to rest and re-energize after a busy weekend!  I am SO thankful the weather this past weekend was as beautiful as it was.  It was perfect!!!  So happy to have barely missed the ice storm!….This girl loves to ooVoo!

1st day of competition…leaving the hotel & on our way.

at the Chocolate Bar….mmm!

a lil’ bit of the bubbly


Look!  I found my dream camera….one made of pure milk chocolate!

Shannon and N after lunch at La Madeleine.

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