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Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas

We woke up just in time to hear Santa huff and puff as he was scooting himself up the chimney;).  It was early around 8:00 or so.  I can’t express the amount of excitement Brayden had this year.  He anticipated this morning more than ever.  I had to go upstairs to wake the big girl.  (sigh)  She is in that preteen growing phase.  She requires some serious sleep (& you would NEVER guess it by looking at her, but serious amounts of food too).  Anyway, she dragged a teensy bit but, was more than happy to come down to quickly join her little brother to see what Santa delivered.

Sweet! Santa munched on the cookies!

IMG_0347 copy

lovin’ the Uggs and Black and Decker Tool Kit

     IMG_0308 copy IMG_0307 copy

IMG_0317 copy

IMG_0324 copy

I wouldn’t give up the time with my two babies for anything.  I mean we had such a nice Christmas together.  And, I totally know I am blessed with such beautiful, healthy, happy, kind, and smart children.  I SO treasure our time together as a family.  As I look at these pictures, I realize how fast my two grow…how fast all children grow.  Aah, I hold these times so dear to my heart. 

IMG_0326 copy

After the kids sorted through their piles Santa left and opened a few of the toys etc.  My little guy was ready to ride his Jeep Santa so graciously gave him.

IMG_0346 copy

IMG_0340 copy

IMG_0337 copy

So yeah, after a nice little Christmas morning with my sweet family of four, we two girls and two boys headed on over The England’s (sigh and bat of my lashes).  We were happy to join Scott’s parents and sister (along with her family) for more joyous family time.  We enjoyed a traditional (dang delicious) Christmas lunch and took joy in giving and receiving goodies!  These next pics are just random spare of the moment captures.  (love)

big baby girl and one happy momma

IMG_0381 copy

IMG_0351 copy

IMG_0365 copy

IMG_0377 copy

IMG_0385 copy

IMG_0412 copy

 IMG_0419 copy IMG_0423 copy

so sweet of Grand Daddy and Baby Dylan

IMG_0433 copy

    IMG_0430 copy IMG_0449 copy

    IMG_0448 copy IMG_0431 copy

IMG_0437 copy

IMG_0445 copy

IMG_0447 copy

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