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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Spirit Celebration!

It was a CHEERful day yesterday!  It was a BUSY, yet super-fun and exciting day!  We woke up packing, checking our lists to make sure we had everything we needed for Nealy’s cheer competition in Denton.  I LOVED having a little beauty salon on my very own bathroom floor.  It was ‘girl time.’  The make-up is dramatic but, it was fun to use all MAC products and I think Nealy looked darling!  Very grown up.  Thank goodness, it was only for competition:).  Nealy and I drove out early (and picked up two of her girlfriends on the way).  Scott and B were going to meet us there.  B ended up staying at my in-laws because he was not feeling well toward the end of the week.  His little nose was justa runnin’!:(  It was SO CRAZY loud at the competition, it’s probably best he didn’t go.  It was enough to make me take 3 Advil Cold and Sinus!!  Not even kidding.  As soon as I got my headache in check!  I was able to join in making lots of noise and cheering for our girl…AND her team, The Katz!!!!  Our busy day, and the Katz hard work paid off!  They placed FIRST out of 14 squads in their division and the competition was tough.  It was SO awesome.  We are so proud!:)


IMG_6867 copy

IMG_6870 copy

proud mama…yes, I was rockin’ the CA shirt with a bit of bling.

IMG_6879 copy

proud nana

IMG_6880 copy

      IMG_6882 copy IMG_6884 copy

IMG_6885 copy

Kimberly and Breanna were so sweet to come and support Nealy.

IMG_6893 copy

IMG_6895 copy

IMG_6904 copy

IMG_6917 copy

getting ready for awards

IMG_6920 copy

It’s hard to see but, this is when Katz WON!!!!

IMG_6942 copy

after the big win!

IMG_6945 copy

IMG_6946 copy

IMG_6947 copy



Anonymous said...

OMG! What an exciting weekend!! I was totally amazed by Nealy's performance!!! The entire squad did great! Way to go KATZ!!! Love, Pris

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Miss Nealy and the rest of The Katz. I know about Cheer Athletics Great team to be on.I am a Big Fan of Cheer(Twist and Shout). You were rockin that CA shirt with that belt. Awe hope Brayden is feeling better.XO Erica

Hanna said...

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Have a peek at my all handmade giveaways if you stop by. Everything is gorgeous!
Your daughter is gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks,that means a lot;i have blogged since the end of my 8th grade year. Your kids are precious, you are an awesome mom i have seen the post about birthdays, and parties reminds me of when i was younger and parties i would have and go to. I will keep reading your blog.XO