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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Love

Summertime is definitely a time for love.  My very dear friend, Jaclyn had her wedding in such an amazing place in California on July 9th.  She and her (now) husband, Bryan are two of the very sweetest, kindest, and appreciative people I am blessed to know.  It was a gorgeous wedding and as a guest AND part of the wedding party, it was perfect!  Jackie thought of ALL the details.  Everything was SO couture….SO Jackie! Everything from her Jimmy Choo shoes to her amazing one of a kind designer dress.  LOVED it!  The best part was, I was able to spend some quality time with Jackie and reconnect with a very kind, beautiful friend, Tamara. Not to mention, I met some super-kind, super-cute new friends!  Scott even bonded with a few of the boys!  It was just great!

Can I just say, Scott and I had a wonderful time in California.  We flew in to Ontario and drove 45 minutes east to beautiful Lake Arrowhead. We stayed at Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa. It was up in the mountains and it was just breath taking.  This is where the wedding was too!  Honestly, if you need a weekend (very romantic & relaxing) trip, you need to checkout this resort!  You won’t be disappointed!

So, here is our cool car we rented.  The only problem was, we drove like Grandpa and Grandma on the winding roads up the mountains to the resort.  You could totally tell who the locals were…um, it was obvious we, were visiting.  It was pretty funny.  Oh well, we looked cool. I guess?!

The Car

IMG_2924 copy

The photos speak for themselves….I LOVED our room!

room collage

the view from our room….I LOVED EVEN MORE!

IMG_2779 copy

I took this from inside the window.  Aah, I miss it already.

IMG_2781 copy

This is a big book of movies that were filmed in the mountains.  Cool. Huh?

IMG_2928 copy

Upon Arrival

The next 3 are from lunchtime (grilled salmon, spinach, and sweet potato fries…m-m-m), our first day there.  I know I take photos of EVERYTHING…but, I really like to visually ‘log’ experiences/memories/moments through photos…not just in my head:)

IMG_2790 copy IMG_2788 copy

view from lunch patio

IMG_2786 copy

Bridesmaids Cocktail Cruise! 

This was such a great opportunity to relax, chat, and meet the other girls.  I was WAY excited to get a view of the lakeside homes and various scenery.  Memorable times indeed!

IMG_2808 copy

IMG_2842 copy

IMG_2817 copy

IMG_2820 copy

IMG_2822 copy


Here are a few from the lovely rehearsal.  Oh, and doesn’t she totally look like ‘Wedding Day Barbie?’…that was her nickname I gave her for the weekend!;) LOVE YOU JACKIE!


both her mom & dad walked her down the aisle…HEART the idea!

IMG_2854 copy

Okay so get this…  Here are all the bridesmaids AND bridesmen.  Yep, you read it right!  Jackie’s little bros were bridesmen and they stood on our side.  How cute and original is that?  Sadly, I didn’t get a photo but, Bryan had his sister stand as a groomsmaid:).

IMG_2859 copy

The groomsmen and the bride to be!

IMG_2850 copy

Darling Dinner Touches

Those margaritas were the absolute best I have ever had.  I heard they had beer in them.  Who knows?  What I do know, is I really enjoyed them. A LOT! Oh, the rehearsal dinner was in this beautiful house on the side of a mountain.  When you walked in, you could walk downstairs.  Both floors had an overlooking balcony to the lake and mountains on the other side of the lake.  SO pretty!

 IMG_2866 copy IMG_2871 copy

IMG_2880 copy

IMG_2869 copy


IMG_2876 copy

IMG_2885 copy

my love

IMG_2887 copy

Jackie and I really pick up where we leave off…regardless of time that goes by we don’t see each other.  Reflecting, it makes so much sense as to why we became fast friends and remain friends. Although, we are years apart in age, at different places in our lives, and live states away, we will forever be dear friends.  I hold a special place for her in my heart!

IMG_2891 copy

IMG_2903 copy

taking it all in

miscellaneous time sight seeing on the mountain with my honey

IMG_2920 copy

IMG_2921 copy

IMG_2915 copy

IMG_2914 copy

The Bride to Be

I SO wish I could have shot (photographed) the action in the bridal suite.  We were having SO much fun primping, waiting, and sipping champagne.  There was a team of stylists doing hair and make-up (very celebrity like). There were 3 very cute photographers snapping away at all the preparation & primping!  SO exciting!  Jackie looked like she was straight out of Vogue.  Not kidding!  It was really overwhelming, yet way cool.  I personally took detailed notes on angles, lenses, and creative-candid shots verses the posed (boring, in my opinion) shots.  Some were posed shots…but, very original and chic.  So neat all the way around!  LOVED the girl time and pre-wedding prep!




The Wedding!

Tamara and me

IMG_2990 copy

Tyler, Jason, & Scott

IMG_2993 copy

right to left: Emily, Rachel, Tamara, Lindsey, & me

IMG_2995 copy

wedding goodies collage

I want to break out singing…Isn’t she lovely?

IMG_3006 copy

on a ME note:  this was an extra-special time as Scott and I were celebrating 4 years of marriage! Seems just like yesterday!  I LOVE this man with my heart and soul!

IMG_3005 copy

Emily, Tamara, Lindsey, me, & Jenna (I had a BLAST with these BEAUTIFUL girls).  Every single one of them was very friendly, welcoming, and SO MUCH fun!

IMG_3022 copy


Mr. and Mrs. Dunne!…LOVE YOU TWO!

        IMG_3014 copy IMG_3016 copy


rosebud said...

beautiful! thanks for showing us your gorgeous friends and gorgeous view! everything is prettier with yomaida! :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful wedding, beautiful view, beautiful people and beautiful pictures! beautiful everything! thanks for sharing! love pris!

Yomaida said...

Ha Ha! Thank you both! It was VERY fun and memorable. :)