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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Brayden’s 3rd Birthday Down Yonder!

IMG_1945 copy

I can’t believe my sweet little boy is THREE!  I just can’t!  We’ve been excitedly awaiting the day to celebrate his 3rd Birthday.  Mostly because he has been SO looking forward to it!  A few days ago I said, “Booga (a name we call him), You are going to be THREE YEARS OLD!….Such a BIG BOY!”  I said this as I was kneeling in the kitchen giving him one of the several hugs we give each other every day.  His head was gently placed on my shoulder and his nose was tucked into my neck.  He was standing in between my knees.  He drew his head back looked straight into my eyes (communicating empathy), and said, “Mom (not even mommee), I (not I’m) going to be a giant.”  He nodded his head ever so slightly up and down.  I can’t say I didn’t get a knot in my throat.  Gosh, I can’t tell you how much, how completely and unconditionally I LOVE this kid.

IMG_2064 copy 

Today was THE day!  We had his Down on the Farm style, BIRTHDAY BASH!  We has SUCH a GRAND time with family and friends.  I am especially glad the birthday boy enjoyed himself SO much.  He loves farm animals, tractors, and hay!  He even wore a little John Deere tee for his special occasion.  I went a little overboard with photos.  Get ready for a lot! 

here is the front side of his invitation

IMG_1988 copy

here’s the back

braydensbirthdayinviteback copy

The Giddy-Up Goodies!.. (cupcakes)

  IMG_1982 copy IMG_1983 copy

more cupcakes and Cow Feed…popcorn party favors

IMG_1986 copy

B’s personal little BIRTHDAY CAKE….Nealy and I made it last night! Unfortunately, many of my photos I took inside the party room didn’t turn out very good…(you know the whole forcing myself to shoot in manual…the trial and error thing).  The good news:  I took many photos at home (yes, in manual) that turned out better. 


IMG_1987 copy

other fun little accents

IMG_1991 copy  IMG_1985 copy  

IMG_1956 IMG_1954

big sis, Nealy

IMG_1993 copy

Fun in the Sun! Bounce House, Petting Zoo, Pony Rides & a Barn Tour!

 IMG_1998 copy IMG_2001 copy

The Ragsdale Boys

     IMG_2002 copy IMG_2003 copy


IMG_2008 copy

high fivin’IMG_2009 copy

Cara and MeIMG_2012 copy

  IMG_2010 copy IMG_2018 copy

Mandy, Megan, and Ella

 IMG_2017 copy IMG_2016 copy

IMG_2021 copy

Aunt Pia & Cousin Tristan


      IMG_2026 copy  IMG_2049 copy

Uncle Gary, Aunt LeAnn, Cousins – Carson & Dylan

IMG_2030 copy

Grandad and Gran

IMG_2032 copy

      IMG_2035 copy IMG_2036 copy

Melanie, Molly, & Mia

      IMG_2040 copy IMG_2037 copy

Travis, Stacey, and Avery

IMG_2043 copy

Shelley, Ashley, & Aiden

IMG_2045 copy IMG_2053 copy

The Birthday Boy, Carson, & Landon

IMG_2054 copy IMG_2056 copy

a few of the farm animals

IMG_2025 copy 

IMG_2087 copy IMG_2091 copy

IMG_2150 copy

a little bit of relaxing and eating

 IMG_2094 copy  IMG_2096 copy

IMG_2092 copy

  IMG_2108 copy

   IMG_2114 copy IMG_2109 copy

IMG_2120 copy

IMG_2122 copy

IMG_2135 copy IMG_2132 copy 

 IMG_2141 copy IMG_2139 copy

IMG_2144 copy

  IMG_2147 copy IMG_2148 copy

It was a fun filled celebration!  At the end of the party our lil’ guy was exhausted.  He was ready for a good nap.  He napped a bit in the car & as soon as we got home…

IMG_2156 copy

IMG_2157 copy

IMG_2191 copy

Yes! He opened ALL his gifts!  We want to thank ALL our friends and family for the AMAZING gifts and more importantly your presence today.  We had such a memorable day celebrating with you ALL! We are so blessed. LOVES!

Last, for my birthday boy:  Mommy Loves you more than the world.  I like to hear you say, “what does that mean?” or “I want to snuggle you.”  You are a very cautious 3 year old, but you are very smart, articulate, well mannered, & extremely LOVABLE.  You like to make friends and will talk to just about anyone you meet. You bust your dance moves several times of day.  You have some rhythm Booga. (BTW:  You respond to Brayden, B, and Booga).  You DON’T like being called BJ (Nealy does that sometimes to aggravate you).  You and I still sit on your ‘diner’ style couch and you want me to read until my eye lids get heavy.  You will sit so nicely for OVER and hour and listen, ask questions, and answer questions about your favorite stories.  You are always eager to read new ones too.  You are such a wiz kid when it comes to technology.  You have several apps on my phone that you play.  Your favorite is Doodle Jump & i write (letters, numbers, and words). You still get my hojis, and enjoy being held in my lap or arms.  You are very endearing and sweet.  Though you’ll outgrow me all too soon, you will FOREVER be my little boy!  I can’t describe the intensity of my pattering heart when I just think of you!  

You DRIVE your big sister CRAZY but, you are CRAZY in love with her, as she is CRAZY in love with you.  You are insanely hooked on COD and think you are playing “Woah-bots.”  You can even manipulate and work the controller to the Play Station.  This is something you like to do with Nealy (and daddee).  You like to jump on big sis, (sometimes you hurt her), you are quick to say sorry (most of the time), give her a big kiss and keep playing.

You want to be just like daddee, be with daddee, and are always looking and calling for him (when he’s not in the room).  You talk like him, act like him, sing like him, and dance like him.  You even have the same sense of humor. It’s hilarious!  You totally get subtle humor in conversations….such a little man, you are.  You and Daddee spend a lot of time outside, at the pool, and playing COD. Daddee plays memory and other fun games with you on the computer and his phone! Oh and daddee plays Transformers with you too.  He teaches you all about them.  You know the difference between autobots and decepticons.  You can name them all and know exactly what they can do… so cute.

You are growing and learning so much.  You are developing your own sense of fun and understanding of this BIG world.  WE LOVE YOU BOOGA.  Happy THIRD Birthday!!!

I grabbed him and snuggled him close for a while.  We didn’t get one single pic together at the party so…….

IMG_2190 copy


preparing for all the fun:)



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Anonymous said...

wow! you did alot for this little party and it paid off!!! it was absolutely adorable! great job!!! tristan and i had such a great time! we are so happy that we got to make it, we just took the scenic route! lol. thank you for having us!!! happy birthday brayden!!!! love, pia!