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Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Eve of Christmas!

SO….I have really been in the Christmas spirit (listening to Christmas music, shopping, playing with kiddos, thinking about loved ones, and enjoying all the Christmas decorations, around town and in my home).  I love the idea of giving and….I’m not going to lie, I like receiving.  BUT, sincerely the best part of Christmastime for me is coming together and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ as a family.  I also like watching my little ones’ faces light up when they open their gifts. 

As I was putting things out last night and getting ready for this afternoon, the realization came to me that I don’t have a nativity display.  It saddened my heart a little bit that I hadn’t noticed before.  SO my plan for today is to get one! It is my Christmas Eve Errand.  Everything else is set (gifts wrapped, menu planned, house cleaned, etc).

My side of the family is coming to my home and I can’t wait!  My mom, Scott, and I will be cooking and baking.

I did take some pictures of a few things that made me smile last night.  I will post a picture of my nativity scene a little later.


Our little “stockings” for small treasures


IMG_8002 copy

         IMG_8003 copy

My dining room table center piece

IMG_8009 copy

Santa and Snowman who will sit by the desserts

IMG_8004 copy      IMG_8005 copy

new pretty garland with lots of berries for my mantel

IMG_8013 copy

a little ornament I found so sweet (so even though it is for B’s tree in his room)  I put it on our tree in the family room.  He likes looking at it.

IMG_8016 copy

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Anonymous said...

christmas eve was the best!! i had a great time! i can't wait to see the pics you got!!! love. pia!