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Thursday, October 8, 2009

little houses

This post is a little late, but it’s never too late for some absolute cuteness! We had a super-fun time with Cara and Landon a couple of weeks ago! We are “newbies” to the little houses in Allen. Can I just say we really LOVED them? They are just so much fun. The best part is that they are gated. This little play-place with little houses, train, and maze gave me a sense of comfort knowing kids….OUR kids were a little safer. We even ate our yummy Which Wich dinner at the little houses as they have picnic tables. What a special after-school evening! You just can’t beat great girl talk, a sweet newborn to “ooh” over, topped off with two little men just as cute as they can be. Truly, they play so well together. One very sweet moment was when both boys were being a teeny bit unruly and wouldn’t hold our hands to walk on the sidewalk. SO…………….I asked Landon to hold my hand and he happily agreed!…..Cara asked Brayden to hold her hand and he happily agreed! Our two little ladies’ men!!! Thanks for such a great evening friends!

Look Mommee! Litte houses!

He kept calling the “firehouse”

“the barn!"

playdatelittlehouses 004 copy

so handsome

I’ll hold your hand any day!

playdatelittlehouses 007 copy

giant foam letters…

B kept calling this ‘y’ a ‘u’….:)

He’s actually learned it since…yeah!

playdatelittlehouses 011 copy

Get ready…

playdatelittlehouses 031 copy

You see he’s on a mission…..

playdatelittlehouses 015 copy


I just LOVE this one….my silly little guy.

His face speaks a million words

AND makes me laugh!

They’re both having such a blast!

playdatelittlehouses 014 copy

Couldn’t leave this little….er, big baby boy out!

He’s snuggly alright!

playdatelittlehouses 023 copy


Team Carroll said...

These are some of the cutest little pictures!!! So happy you got some good ones! Thanks for the fun night! The boys were TOO cute together!!

Sarah, Lloyd, Tristan and Lana said...

Where is it that you took the boys? It looks like a lot of fun!

Yomaida said...

We went to the little houses in Allen. I'll email you where it is exactly. I forgot the road....:)