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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tweet Baby Bird

Tuesday was a busy day for us! Mercy! It's a good thing we slept in and started our day off peaceful and it was relaxing. We took my mom to a dr's appt and what do ya know? We found a tweet baby bird that had fallen from his nest, right there in the middle of the sidewalk. Good thing we were early for the appt. b/c we (my mom, Nealy and I) discussed our options on what to do. We knew we couldn't leave him. Poor little thing was panting and there were BIG birds (with those scary long pointy beaks) scoping him out. They probably would have poked him to death. So, truly we had many obstacles to conquer in order to rescue this little thing. We called a knowledgeable friend and he advised us not to touch (birds can carry many diseases) and take him to the Outdoor Learning Center. My mom and I walked into a random dr.'s office (Nealy stayed put to watch and protect the bird from predators). The receptionist was on the phone and signaled for me to wait. I scanned the waiting area, my mom and I saw the box of tissues at the same time. My mom made a quick dash. She grabbed a handful of tissues and stealth like...we departed. We picked up the bird (with the tissue) and put him in a little gift bag I had in my car. The next obstacle was to sneak the bird in my mom's dr.'s appt. We were nervous. My mom even took...(I can't bring myself to say STOLE), some gloves from the patient's room. Goodness, it was for a good cause. We knew we were going to have to handle the baby bird soon enough. Another knowledgeable friend advised us how to care and feed the little thing. As soon as we got home (after showing Brayden and making him smile) we fed it a tiny bit of moistened-mashed up dog food. Sounds gross, I know. It wouldn't open it's beak so, I had to literally open it myself. We fed it with a tiny medicine syringe. It was hard. We put in in a little shoe box lined with paper towels and placed it on a heating pad set on low. There was towel between the box and the heating pad. We put it on the toilet in our guest bathroom. We said some prayers and just hoped for the best. It was a very eventful day!

This morning it was STILL alive! He was even chirping! He was probably hungry. We got dressed and took him to the OLC. We couldn't take him yesterday b/c it was closed when we called. Not to metion we were at my mom's appt. for longer than expected. We were all so happy! The office manager at the OLC said he looked healthy and said he had a good chance. Yay!!!


Rebeccalynn_dj said...

That is so cool! Yay you all for helping out one of God's creatures. :)

Amanda said...

What a sweet little baby bird!! Yay for saving him! ..or her!