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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Someone is Ready for Hot Days...

Lookin' HOT! My 21 month old baby boy got his sunny-day haircut this past week! He just looks darling. Many asked me if I was sad to cut his long locks. The answer is: no! I LOVE his hair long, shaggy and untamed but, I also LOVE his clean-cut very tamed hair too. Truthfully it took a little bit for me to be completely content with it. He looks totally different. Younger? Older? I'm really not sure. I DO know he is 100 percent cutie pie! The beauty about Brayden James' hair is that it grows SO incredibly fast and it is amazingly thick...he got it from his momma, he got it from his momma...! lol Seriously though, I can do just about anything with this kid's hair. I think it needs to grow out just a bit. Uh, by next week it should be perfect! :-)

Anyway, since we plan on doing tons in the sunshine this spring and quickly approaching summer....here he is!

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