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Saturday, February 7, 2009

"OWL" Always Love 'Em!

I LOVE making little things with my kids and for my kids. Since Valentine's Day is around the corner (note to honey: it's the day for love birds....remember?) I wanted to make something original and cutesy to put their V-Day goodies in. I stick to simple, quick, and cute! I like projects but, none that are going to take lots of time (especially away from my family) to make. These literally took about 5 minutes! Now that's quick! Anyway, I made bags with my class...knowing this was the idea I had planned for my two. AND because "OWL" always love my two...the bags are perfect! Brayden walks by (pointing to the bags) and says, "hoot-hoot." I tell him that he is going to have special goodies in his bag later. He accepts my answer. Who knows if he knows what I am saying or not...but, regardless, I love that he smiles and likes looking at them. OH! and last night he came to the table, wanted to get in my lap and help. It was so cute. He was making the connection to the Valentine craft he and I made a few days before. Too sweet!


Anonymous said...

again, yomaida how cute! you always have cute ideas for the kids. your a great mommy. creative! priscilla

Anonymous said...

ha! i meant 'you're' not 'your.' i was typing fast... pris

nealy said...

cute bags, thanks for making one for me! nealy :)