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Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome 2009!

Happy New Year and Welcome 2009!
What a memorable 2008 and I am looking forward to making many more memories in 09! We have so much to look forward to. Big events are in store for our family of four this year.....2009!
Just a few of the known events (in no particular order):

1. Nealy will graduate from elementary school! OMGosh! I can't believe it. Our daughter will be in middle school. It makes me want to cry. A few random people ask if we're sisters....yeah, it's a compliment, but I have realized we (together) exude a bond like no other (that can easily be mistaken for sisterhood). We ARE best friends and there is nothing like sharing, learning, growing and bonding between a mother and daughter!

2. Our precious baby boy will hit his TERRIFIC TWO years! What a magnificent time in our near future. He has been the perfect little boy thus far....let's see what 09 has in store for us.

3. Scott will graduate and receive his Master's in administration! He's worked so hard dedicating endless hours completing assignment after assignment and test after test! How nice it will be for him to have more time with us and to do things other than 'work.' Not, to mention not paying for tuition will be nice;-)! We are proud of you hon!

4. Scott will turn the big 30! Finally! I guess I will always be an 'older woman.'....(eeks! the sound of that makes me cringe) but, at least we will both be in our thirties.....which brings us to #5.

5. I will be a WHOPPING 35 come April 1st! Mercy! Definitley...middle age. I have already started looking into Botox! :-)

6. Scott and I will celebrate our 3rd year anniversary!!! I can't wait! It seems like just yesterday we were exchanging vows on the sandy white beaches of Negril.

7. I will complete my 10th year of teaching kindergarten! Neat huh? I love those little kinder kuties! I couldn't enjoy my job more than I already do. I adore everything about it....even the chaotic times. Really I do! Yeah, I complain sometimes...but, who doesn't.

8. Silly, but true...I will finish the Twilight series. I have always read for enjoyment but, have never read an entire series. I'll eat my words later if needed but, these are the BEST! I started the last book, Breaking Dawn a day or two ago....Aah don't want this love story to end!

9. Nealy will turn 11! I thought last year was big (it was) but, 11 is like being well on the path to becoming a teenager....(I struggle to say that word that begins with 't'...I dare not say it again, until I have to).

10. This year we will start a new year....2009 full of the expected and unexpected. May God bless us and ALL our friends and family.


Michelle said...

Happy New Year! Sweet, sweet pictures!!

Jesse and Zach said...

Thank you... she is so precious... I just love her so much. It looks like you guys had a great Christmas and New Year. Tell Nealy I say hello!

Jaclyn said...

I cry everytime I read your blog...sorry I missed your call earlier! Now it's my turn to call you BACK! Did you figure out FOR SURE this PRIVACY thing?!?!? XOXO ~JB