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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Santa's Little Helper!

Well, more like mommy's little helper, but you get the idea. It is the weekend to drag all the Christmas decor out of the attic (in our case storage room) and start putting it up. Isn't it? That is exactly what we did the day after Thanksgiving. Now, normally I would have everything exactly as it should be by now but, that's just not the story this year. I am pretty sure It will all be completed by tomorrow night. I have gazillions 'nooks and crannies' of Christmas decor and believe me it's not a one day affair when putting it all out. I've taken frequent breaks...okay today, I took an all day break. Don't get me wrong, I am in the Christmas spirit and anticipating much celebration and cheer. It's just this year, I have decided to take my time (giving myself tomorrow night as the due date). I think I will even throw some sugar cookies in the oven tomorrow night!

Anyway, get a look at Santa's Little Helper! He found the sphere shaped ornaments and yeah, he threw them alright. So much for my helper but, he sure is darn cute!

What did you find?


thinking a bit more...

AND he fires a fastball!
Thank goodness mommy was quick
to respond (drop the camera and catch).
Yay Mommy! This time anyway...


Amanda said...

haha.. good catch!! oh... I am getting nervous about Eli wreaking havoc on the Christmas tree... he likes to get into everything!!! sweet pictures!

Zarebski said...
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