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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Night Before Kindergarten...

Ahem! It's that night before the first day of school and I have to say I am a little emotional. I am excited to start the year, but I am even more sad about not seeing my little guy on a daily basis. All day long at that. I know I have already had trainings but, I think it being the actual night before school starts, makes it more official to me. I LOVED being with Brayden James. I loved snuggling him in the early mornings once we brought him to our bed. I loved taking naps with him too! I enjoyed the days at the poolside and reading books on the couch. Our evening walks were filled with meaningful conversation. You know, me asking what he saw and he would babble back sweet sounds of nothing...but, something to him. I would point things out and tell him the color they were. I would try to get him to repeat the color word...he never did. :-) Aah! I am going to miss my too cute brown eyed boy. He blows kisses to me daily and runs to give me hugs upon request. I hope he doesn't forget about his crazy momma and the fun we had. I hope he doesn't decide that I am not the best snuggling buddy there is. I would cry to learn that he twirled someone's locks other than my own and liked them more! Am I crazy? Why am I such a basket case? I feel guilty that I have focused so much attention on school in the last couple of days. Granted he was with me half the time and had a ball in my room. He made mess after mess and I was more than happy to clean it up. Tonight he is acting a little whiney and sad. I swear he knows I am going back to work. It makes me all the more sad. Good grief...the tears are rolling. I will miss him dearly. Gosh, so sorry to be so dreadfully annoying....it will pass. Won't it? YES! It will. I am going to run back to him and snuggle and kiss him the remaining part of the evening.

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Michelle said...

This is such a sweet post. I hope you have a GREAT first day! Hang in there! And your room is absolutely precious!