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Friday, August 15, 2008

Kickin' back and cooling off with some Starbucks!

Many of you know I am probably one of the biggest Starbucks fans there is. I most definitely love those mouth watering, highly caffeinated drinks. M-m-m delicious! This summer I have really and when I say really, I mean really limited my consumption of these yummy, yet pricey beverages. I have had a couple and I changed my purchases from white mochas to skinny vanilla lattes...unwillingly. I did it for health reasons. I must admit I have grown to love the lattes and they have WAY less fat, sugar, and calories. Yay me! I have also enjoyed some iced tea with Splenda this summer. This leads me to tell you how I am feeling a tiny bit guilty about introducing my little guy to such an indulgence. He has only ordered apple juice and lemonade (watered down...per my request). That's not so bad. Right? I mean he deserves little treats too! AND he definitely deserves the best. So the other day after some back to school shopping, we ended up with some of our fave drinks! I can't wait for the chilly weather to roll around....peppermint hot chocolate he will love.

There's nothing like watching 'Handy Manny'
with a Starbucks in hand.Deciding which one to drink
Great choiceMmm-Mmm!
It's a thirst quencher!
Now that's more like it.
justa kickin' back

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