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Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring Milestones!

Brayden James will soon be 10 months. He has developed quite the personality and has such a funny way about him. He does so many cute things. He started this thing where he cries when I put him down to change his diaper. He actually does it when anyone puts him down getting him ready for a fresh diapee. Anyway, instead of picking him up and teaching him he will get his way. I learned distraction is the best for managing his behavior right now. I continued going on about my buisness...changing him. Once done, I put both my hands up and say, "high five Brayden James." He now puts both hands up and thinks it the best thing. I can see his little expression and he's just anticipating and excited long before I put my hands up. We do it EVERY time. Daddy even does it now. Funny how silly traditions start.

Although Brayden has been playing Peek-a-Boo for a while now, he has become an expert. We say, "Where is Brayden?" Brayden will cover his eyes with both hands (sometimes he misses and whacks himself on the side of the head). When he uncovers them we say, "There he is!" OR "Peek-a-Boo!" It's become one of the family's favorite thing to play.

Vain? Of course not! He LOVES to look at himself in the mirror and even in pictures on the computer. We finally replaced the 'dinosaur' monitor we had with a wide flat screen. So when his picture comes up he looks at it and then looks at me. He looks back at the monitor...so forth and so forth. He laughs. Its so cuter than cute.

Brayden has really been balancing but, he's showing no interest in walking. He does crawl (he's been crawling and I really thought he was going to just skip crawling....what do I know?). He is a little speed racer. He likes it when I chase him. Especially now with my hurt toe. I wonder if he thinks it is funny to see mommy wobbling around. :-( I like to believe that he doesn't. He probably feels sorry for me...he just can't control himself and so he takes off. ;-)

He has been saying "Dada" for months but, now he ACTUALLY calls for his daddy. Precious. Absolutely precious. I can't wait for him to say, "Mama" and truly know that it is me who he is calling.

Clapping? Yes. We say, "yay" and he claps away. He even claps in the middle of the night and when I say middle of the night, I mean any given hour. 2am comes to mind. We don't think it's so cute then. Little stinker.

Pattycake? You know it! My version...the right version...:-) (Don't let Scott tell you otherwise):

Pattycake, Pattycake, baker’s man,
Bake me a cake just as fast as you can;
Roll it up, and roll it up, and...
Throw it in the pan!

Pattycake, Pattycake, baker’s man,
Bake me a cake just as fast as you can;
Roll it up, and roll it up, mark it with a 'B'
Put in the oven for baby and me!

"Bye-bye" is in the bag! He waves SO well. I'm proud of his waving accomplishment but, I am SO happy I don't have to see him waving "bye-bye" to me. My heart would most definitely crush. A couple of days he has been up when I am leaving to work. It is SO hard to leave him. I literally get a knot in my throat. I am so looking forward to the summer and waking up with him and spending my days with him and Nealy.

I LOVE my little man! He's still a snuggle bug and warms my heart each passing day!
Hey there Brayden James

Not so tasty

Aaha! This isn't food

"I promise I am not tired mommy."

Is he the cutest? Or what?

Waah! Not too tasty either

"I'm outta here."

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