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Thursday, June 14, 2007

We're In

We have been in our house for almost two weeks. We LOVE it! Although I do have to say it is quite more roomy than I expected. I find myself yelling to find either Scott or Nealy. We still have so much to do. I know not everything can be ready in a week in a half but, I do want to do a few more things. We started Baby Brayden's room and it is looking so cute! We will be painting one wall chocolate brown ...I guess we will start that this weekend. The picture shown is just one wall. I will add more later when it is complete. It shouldn't take long. Nealy's room is so cute..."pretty in pink." She really likes it! Nealy has been a marvelous helper. I can't tell you how hard she has worked to help us unpack and tidy up. What would we do without her? As Brayden's arrival date gets closer, Nealy seems to appear more and more excited. We all have so much to look forward to! I love reflecting on this past year. I am really blessed.

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