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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Doctor's Appointment, Baby Laundry and More

I had my second to last doctor's appointment yesterday! All is great. Brayden is in the correct position and he is ready. He weighs approximately a little over 61/2 pounds. My doctor expects him to weigh anywhere from 7 pounds to 71/2 pounds upon delivery. I am SO thrilled! The doctor did mention I was contracting quite regular during the visit. Last night I had consistent (not too intense) contractions ranging from every 6 to 10 minutes. It was kinda exciting. I added all the last minute things into my hospital bag. I really didn't think anything was going to happen but, I wanted to be prepared. Scott was so cute...He started thinking of other things we would possibly need. He has been so great. Especially these last few weeks when I have been extremely uncomfortable and maybe a little grumpy. I think if anyone asked him, he would say A LOT grumpy.

Mr. Jim England (Scott's dad) purchased the travel system we wanted! Thank you Jim! So, yesterday I put in the seat protector and car seat in my car. Man, I was sweating and Scott even had to come and help. Phew! anyone who knows me well....I melt in the sun or heat. Lately, I have a sweating issue. Yuck! I know. Anyway, I am really on a mission. Brayden's room should be complete by tomorrow. I will wash more baby clothes, receiving blankets, socks, and baby bath towels today. This little boy has a BUNCH of clothes. I can't wait to arrange everything in his dresser! Today I will also arrange necessities in our room as that is where he will be at first. His bassinet (pack and play) is up and awaiting. Aah! so much to think about. It really is fun though.

On another note, Scott came home with new office furniture yesterday. We are slowly putting things in place and decorating. My plan is to tackle this house room by room. I will leave the 2 spare bedrooms for last. I guess I better get to work...maybe after some pigs in blankets and coffee (decaf of course)!!!

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